Windows XP SP2 + DEP

Since DoctorO removed AggressiveOptimize.h's broken optimisations from his Winamp plugins, I've been running Windows fine with NoExecute on "OptOut", ie. applications can choose not to have DEP applied to them.

Earlier, because I was bored, I decided to switch DEP from OptOut to AlwaysOn. More information on MSDN. This removes the option for applications to opt-out.

So far (ie. in about 10 minutes) the following things have broken:

  • Opera, closed on startup with a DEP error.
  • Firefox, dies on startup: 'XPCOM:EventReceiver' attempts to write to memory that it isn't allowed to.
  • Acrobat Reader, crashes after a few seconds of displaying the page with a DEP error.
  • Internet Explorer 6 has DEP errored once or twice, I'm guessing this is a plugin.

Other things (such as Java6, apache2.2, mysql5, all of the drivers I have installed, etc.) were suprisingly fine.

If I can get a working build of Opera, there's nothing else on that list that I particularily need.. Acrobat Reader is convenient, but it'll be nice to have something substantial to complain to them about...


  1. Opera's issue appears to be that it's packed with ASPack, which just Doesn't Work, meaning their sales are going to drop off a bit at some point..
  2. Firefox's issue is, ironically, with the feedback agent. Deleting that fixes the problem.

The other two remain unstable, but IE is unnecessary now I have a non-IE browser working; and Acrobat Reader is now uninstalled.

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