Kubuntu Dapper Beta 2

I thought that, on account of being an Evil Windows User(tm), I should try installing Linux again.

I picked Kubuntu, because it's supposed to be the friendliest distro for Evil Windows Users.. I decided to download the beta (yes, a review based on a beta! Shock!), seeing as how everyone seems to think it's great and stable and fine, etc.

My experience:

  1. The splash screen (screenshot from old version) doesn't support my USB keyboard, not so much of a problem, the default option was "Start Kubuntu", which was what I was after.
  2. The system hung, displaying:
    Decompressing Linux...Done.
    Booting the kernel.
    When I say "hung", I mean that it made no further progress, and had no apparent disk activity for 5 minutes.


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