Recently I switched this blog, and my other sites, over from Apache to lighttpd, which, along with having a much lower memory footprint, seems to be faster (with FastCGI) than mod_php.

This was as an attempted response to this blog's terrible uptime, it seems that with certain versions of libc6 (2.3.6-7), such as the ones that have recently entered into Debian Testing cause mysql to be unstable under UML, which is what my hosts, Bytemark, use. It didn't help, although a recent libc6 update (2.3.6-13) seems to have improved things somewhat.

Now, assuming here that people actually read my blog, it's been submitted to various sites, such as Planet CompSoc and Technorati. Once there's some relevant content, it'll hopefully end up on Planet 3yp, too.

Last thing, I dislike WordPress' default theme, on account of it being fixed width, and failing to render correctly in Opera. The theming engine is hindering my work on an alternate theme, having failed to find one I like. Flex, a css-only theme for WordPress, may be able to save me some grief here.

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