Nvidia related woes

Mid-revision session I suddenly (as you do) felt the desperate need to check on the temperature of various things in my case, and I noticed that my XFX 6800GT was idling at roughly 105°C. Toasty. I could have sworn that it was idling lower than that before, but it was still below the threshold (127°C), so I left it. This is probably Nvidia's fault.

Coincidentally, my set of 3d glasses had arrived, so I decided to have a play. This involved installing the Nvidia stereo drivers, which are only compatible with the 78.01 drivers, which are two (if you include the betas) major versions out of date, and hence won't run most top-end games. Bad Nvidia.

The sample application that comes with the drivers, however, shows the quality that these glasses are capable of, even in "beginner mode". Outstanding (ahaha). Good Nvidia/Edimensional.

Then my desktop blue-screens. The card had overheated, this is without any overclocking, without touching the heatsink, and with three 120mm case fans. Bad Nvidia.

I decided to try and underclock my graphics card (to cool it down). Firstly, the overclocking widget works as a limited user, which isn't a particularly good idea, especially seeing as when trying anything but a trivial underclock; it hard locks the machine. During slightly less serious underclocks, the automatic tests fail, and the widget informs me that I need to try a "lower speed" (hah). Bad Nvidia.

Taking the machine apart, removing the graphics card, removing all visible dust/dirt/etc., reseating and reattaching the power cable (yes, that took a few power cycles to work out) seems to have fixed, or at least temporarily subdued the heat problem, however.. now.. upgrade time?

Update: It seems that eDimensional's support site has more recent versions of the stereo (and their companion) drivers. A quick examination suggests that these were packaged by the same people as the copy on nVidia's site, from which I'll conclude that they come from nVidia... so.. why don't they offer them on their site?

Update 2: They do, finally. The 91.31 Stereo Drivers are avaliable by following through the nVidia Driver Wizard. Yay nVidia!

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