Dell's 2407WFP

... is a stunning monitor. Really, go buy one. Even better in portrait mode.

I've had two minor issues with mine (rev a03):

  1. The usb hub in the monitor turns off when you turn the monitor off, meaning that any devices you had plugged into it will be "unplugged", then re-plugged-in when you turn it back on.

    This'll probably only affect you if you plug your mouse and keybard into the two ports in the back (that were so obviously designed for this purpose) as it might take a few seconds after powering on the monitor before you can use them.

  2. Flickering. Some images that have been crafted by scheming web-designers, when displayed on certain areas of the screen cause artefacts. I'm not sure if nobody has noticed this, or if it's a defect with my panel.

    I've captured a few here. These need to be viewed as close to fullscreen as possible, without any scaling on. Try hitting F11 in your browser.

    • A shot of a random Java6 documentation page (with all the boring bits removed) gets a row of randomly flickering (dead-looking) pixels to the left of the "J".
    • A manipulated screenshot based on the background from the C++ pastebin on sourceforge. The vertical lines near both edges of get very jaggedy, and the colour-spectrum has random dead-pixels in, too. Assuming this happens on anyone else's monitor at all, if you look closely at the bottom-left, the lines are fine, as the "background" bit to the right has been tuned (read: waggled around madly) such that there's no flicker.

    This effect is rather hard to reproduce by accident, but is very clear when it happens.

Anyone had anything similar?

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