Learning Dvorak, take 1.

Having decided to look at Dvorak again, and having completely failed to find any software that was even remotely interesting (I couldn't cajole Typing of the Dead into working with Dvorak) to teach typing, I reverted to the classic "look at a layout and try and type with it".

I got bored of looking for the keys.

After having played with SVG/javascript as an alternative to Flash with 'motes' (temporary hosting, might not be up), I thought I'd have a go at adjusting it into a mini typing tutor.

Note that that's almost completely clientside, the php is used only to dump the default message in the text box, which could be done in JavaScript (probably easier, too, die, magic quotes, die).

It completely doesn't work in IE (I haven't tested any SVG plugins), and has a weird JavaScript array bug in Opera (still works, just doesn't look perfect). So, much to my shame, I'd suggest trying it in Firefox.

And, on a related note, it strikes me as odd that Scalable Vector Graphics use absolute coordinates for everything internally.

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