Taglib Property Handler

I've recently released, via. Sourceforge, an alpha of my Taglib Property Handler. It allows Windows (Explorer, Search, etc.) to view the metadata that exists in a variety of audio formats.

Taglib supports (so far) ogg (vorbis), flac, oga, mpc, wv, spx, tta, mp3 and wma. The last two have some support in Windows, however, support for id3v2.4 in mp3 files is lacking.

Currently, it works best under Vista (either 32-bit or 64-bit). XP (even with Windows Desktop Search installed) seems not to be interested in the properties I have to offer. The installer (intentionally) completely does not work under XP.

Any comments welcome, but this is an alpha, and, even though there is (nearly) no risk to your files or your system stability, it's possible that something is horribly broken. :)

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