Yay, productivity

I (finally) have a job, and, suddenly, (I'm sure it's unrelated) start feeling relatively productive outside of work.

I'm trying to learn the Colemak keyboard layout again, I've produced a version of Colemak with more UK symbol keys (self extractor) (.asc) on (for example, ", @, ¬ in the right places). MSKLC 1.4 source included, should work on XP and Vista.

I wrote a tool a while ago for a friend show whether drives were spun up or not. I just changed it to a little tray applet:

Powerstatus tray example It also notifies you when drives spin down and up. Currently it operates by polling, at a hardcoded 15s interval. Feel free to change the source.

powerstatustray.exe (.asc) (.cpp) (.pdb).

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