Google Earth "offline installer"

Google seem to be of the incorrect opion that you want your machine infected with Google Update.

The Google Earth download is actually just a cunningly disguised Google Update installer, and it seems to think it needs elevation.

It extracts %TEMP%\GUXXXXX.tmp\GoogleUpdate.exe, then tries to run:

GoogleUpdate.exe /install "appguid={74AF07D8-FB8F-4d51-8AC7-927721D56EBB}&appname=Google%20Earth&needsadmin=true" /installelevated

Instead of this,

GoogleUpdate.exe /install "appguid={74AF07D8-FB8F-4d51-8AC7-927721D56EBB}&appname=Google%20Earth"

..will happily download and extract Google Earth to %TEMP%\7ZipSfx.XXX. This is the unpacked offline installer, but the installer itself still attempts to elevate. Luckily, it's already unpacked, in:

%TEMP%\7ZipSfx.XXX\program files\Google\Google Earth

Just copy this folder to somewhere convenient and run googleearth.exe.


For reference for other apps, the quoted argument to GoogleUpdate.exe is the last "line" in the downloaded GoogleEarthSetup.exe.

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