The Goat Inventory Tracker

The year is 1516. The Royal Mail has just been founded.

You're an enterprising goat farmer. You want to service requests for goats by mail. You have multiple paddocks. Paddocks contain multiple goats.

one of the only two cute goat photos on the entire internet, (c) 2011 abbsworth, used without permission

An order comes in for some goats. You spring into action!

Firstly, you need to select some goats to send out.

For this, you've designed a tool called the Goat Inventory Tracker. It deals with all the management aspects, so you can do what you love most; breeding goats.

You decree, Goat Inventory Tracker, Allow Me To Pick From My Goats!

The Goat Inventory Tracker shows you each of your goats across all of your paddocks, and asks you if you would like to include it. If you do, it takes the goat and places it in a pending crate.

When you're done selecting goats, you can look into the pending crate and check everything is what you want. If it helps, you can preview your shipping log as if you had no outstanding goats.

This is important, as you're required to maintain various arbitary constraints by the local land baron.

the other only cute goat photo on the entire internet, (c) 2011 Loredana Preston, used without permission

Now that you're happy, you can decree Goat Inventory Tracker, Seal This Box!

This will, obviously, seal the box of goats, and place it near the post box with a shipping note of your choice.

You repeat this procedure for a couple of days. During this time, loads of boxes pile up near the mail point.

You don't like mess.

You decree, Goat Inventory Tracker, Allow Me To Rearrange My Boxes!

You are then able to reorder, change the shipping note of, merge, and completely change or split your boxes.

Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat.  EARLY IN THE MORNING, JUST AS DAY IS DAWNING...

Once you're happy with your outstanding orders, you can decree Goat Inventory Tracker, Summon The Postman!

The postman will arrive, and will then check he can load your boxes into his wagon. Due to safety concerns, the postman isn't allowed to pile your boxes on top of other people's boxes, or allowed to re-order other people's boxes. This means that if he has any boxes in his van already, you'll need to do some work first.

No worry; you just decree Goat Inventory Tracker, Pile My Boxes Atop These Lowly Boxes! It will.

Sometimes your boxes won't fit nicely on top of the other people's, at which point the Goat Inventory Tracker will panic, and you'll need to reshape your boxes. Remember that the Goat Inventory Tracker has many tools for dealing with boxes, as explained above.

Once you're done piling your boxes, the postman will be happy and will leave with your boxes, and you have entered them into your account book.

You've made some money, you've made your customers happy, and you've done basically no work. Excellent. Back to breeding goats.

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