PuTTY Tray

I've released an updated version of PuTTY Tray to puttytray.goeswhere.com, direct download: putty.exe p0.61-t004 please see the site for the latest version and details.

This is a fork of Barry Haanstra's PuTTY Tray, which is abandoned.

Main advantages:

  • Now built against PuTTY 0.61, getting features like Windows 7 Jumplist and Aero support, and four years of core PuTTY development
  • Ctrl+mousewheel zoom support
  • URL detection works on URLs ending with close-brackets
  • Much easier to continue development of, build script generator works and source, issue and pull-request tracking provided by github.

Please raise a bug if you have any problems or requests!

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