My gitolite set-up

I'm paranoid, but also poor. I use gitolite to control access to my git repositories, because github wanted $200/month to meet half of my requirements, and wern't interested in negotiating (I tried).

Like github, I have two types of git repositories. Public repositories; which show up on gitweb and git-daemon and etc., that everyone can access; and private repositories, which contain my bank details.

My conf file consists of:

A set of user groups: While gitolite supports multiple keys for one user, I prefer to treat my various machines as separate users, for reasons that'll become apparent later.

@faux    = admin fauxanoia fauxhoki fauxtak
@trust   = @faux alice
@semi    = fauxcodd fauxwilf bob

A set of repositories, both public and private:

@pubrepo = canslations
@pubrepo = coke
@pubrepo = cpptracer
@privrepo = bank-details
@privrepo = alices-bank-details

Descriptions for all the public repositories, so they show up in gitweb:

repo    coke
     coke = "Coke prices website"

repo cpptracer      cpptracer = "aj's cppraytracer, now with g++ support"

And permissions:

repo    @pubrepo
     RW+     =   @trust
     RW      =   @semi
     R         =   @all daemon gitweb
     config  core.sharedRepository = 0664

repo @privrepo      RW+ = @trust

This allows trusted keys to do anything, and semi-trusted keys (i.e. ones on machines where there are other people with root) to only append data (i.e. they can't destroy anything, and can't make any un-auditable changes).

Next, to protect against non-root users on the host itself, I have $REPO_UMASK = 0027; in my .gitolite.rc. This makes the repositories themselves inaccessible to other users. However, gitweb needs to be able to read public repositories; the above config core.sharedRepository = 0664 does this.

This leaves only /var/lib/gitolite/projects.list (which is necessary as non-git users can't ls /var/lib/gitolite/repositories/, so gitweb can't discover the project list itself), and repositories/**/description, again for gitweb.

For this, I have a gitolite-admin.git/hooks/post-update.secondary of:

chmod a+r /var/lib/gitolite/projects.list
find /var/lib/gitolite -name description -exec chmod a+r {} +

Now, gitweb can display public projects fine, and local users can't discover or steal private repositories.

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