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I like StatCounter's browser usage statistics, even if there are outstanding arguments about how they deal with data from multiple countries (i.e. if you're using them for decisions, you're probably much better taking the stats for your target country, rather than the global or regional stats... but you'd probably be doing that anyway.)

I dislike, however, the way they handle browser versions. I have always thought that they have more data than they display, and do a very poor job of actually showing it to you. For example, the Browser Versions for the time of writing has, at one point, 60+% of browsers in "uncategorised". How does that even happen?!

Browser Version (Partially Combined) makes a better stab at useful information, but is still lacking so much.

So... I wrote my own. Click for a full view:

This picks out some reasonably interesting features:

  • The huge black wedge between 2010-02 and 2011-04, in the Firefox area, is Firefox 3.6. You can see it absolutely refusing to die for the following few years, despite people using more modern versions.
  • The relentless Chrome release schedule.
  • How long of a tail IE has on releases being picked up by users, and how IE10 is doing better (automatic updates, perhaps?)

This is generated by browserstats. Yes, that has a lot of data archived from StatCounter. Yes, the code is awful and it's a pretty manual process to update the graph. Feel free to fix it.

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