Rebuilding Debian with Java 9

It's about three months until Java 9 is supposed to be released. Debian contains around 1,200 packages that build against Java 8. I have been trying to build them with Java 9.

It's not been going well.

The first attempt found an 87% failure rate, the majority of which were either:

This is too bad to get an idea of what's actually broken, so I gave up.

The second attempt has gone better, only 57% failures. This had a number of issues fixed, but there's still a large number of problems masked by toolchain failures.

However, some real Java 9 breakages are coming to the fore!

Oh, and 135 packages have an unknown problem, so maybe there's a whole other class of bug I've missed.

This is (obviously) an ongoing project, but I thought I'd write up what I'd seen so far.

Also, I wanted to mention how cool it was to hack up a dashboard for your ghetto make/Docker build process in ghetto shell, although slightly less ghetto than the previous shell.

Every 2.0s: ./classify.sh

ascii           cast            deps            doclint         javadoc         keyword         modules         unknown         version
47 total        9 total         203 total       82 total        165 total       15 total        83 total        114 total       206 total
====            ====            ====            ====            ====            ====            ====            ====            ====
antelope        charactermanaj  access-*hecker  android*-tools  access-*hecker  avalon-*mework  activem*otobuf  adql            389-adm*onsole
axis            dom4j           activem*tiveio  antlr4          akuma           axis            android*ork-23  aspectj         389-ds-console
azureus         electric        activemq        args4j          animal-sniffer  biojava-live    android*dalvik  aspectj*plugin  airport-utils
clirr           findbugs        activem*otobuf  bindex          annotat*ndexer  bnd             android*oclava  bouncycastle    android*-tools
cmdreader       jajuk           afterburner.fx  cdi-api         antlr3          dbus-java       android*silver  bsh             antlr
cortado         jsymphonic      akuma           classycle       apache-log4j2   jalview         android*inding  closure*mpiler  artemis
cronometer      libjaud*r-java  animal-sniffer  commons-math3   apache-mime4j   javacc4         android*ibcore  cofoja          beansbinding
dita-ot         olap4j          annotat*ndexer  ditaa           async-h*client  java-gnome      android*ibrary  commons-jcs     bindex
eclipselink     sweethome3d     antlr3          felix-g*-shell  axmlrpc         jmol            android*apksig  convers*ruptor  biojava-live
eclipse                         antlr4          fest-assert     bcel            jruby-openssl   android*s-base  davmail         biomaj
entagged                        apache-log4j2   fest-reflect    bridge-*jector  libcomm*g-java  android*ls-swt  diffoscope      brig
fop                             args4j          fest-util       bsaf            libxml-*1-java  android*helper  dnsjava         brltty
geronim*0-spec                  atinjec*jsr330  ganymed-ssh2    build-h*plugin  libxpp2-java    ant             dumbster        cadencii
imagej                          bcel            gentlyw*-utils  canl-java       mvel            apktool         eclipse*nyedit  castor
jasmin-sable                    bridge-*jector  glassfish       cglib           squareness      basex           eclipse-cdt     cdi-api
jas                             build-h*plugin  hdf5            commons*nutils                  bintray*t-java  eclipse*config  ceph
jasypt                          carrots*h-hppc  hessian         commons*ration                  biojava4-live   eclipse-eclox   cobertura
javacc4                         cglib           intelli*ations  commons-csv                     easybind        eclipse-emf     coco-java
javaparser                      checkstyle      jacksum         commons-io                      eclipse-mylyn   eclipse-gef     colorpicker
jets3t                          codenarc        jcm             commons*vaflow                  eclipse-wtp     eclipse*clipse  commons*client
jgromacs                        commons*nutils  jfugue          commons-jci                     eclipse-xsd     eclipse*es-api  concurr*t-dfsg
king                            commons*ration  jmock           commons-math                    freeplane       eclipse-rse     cvc3
knopfle*h-osgi                  commons-csv     jnr-ffi         cssparser                       gant            eclipse*clipse  db5.3
libcds-*t-java                  commons-io      jpathwatch      csvjdbc                         gradle-*plugin  emma-coverage   dbus-java
libcomm*g-java                  commons*vaflow  jsurf-alggeo    dirgra                          gradle          gdcm            dicomscope
libidw-java                     commons-jci     jts             dnssecjava                      gradle-*otobuf  geronim*upport  ditaa
libiscwt-java                   commons-math    libcds-*c-java  dokujclient                     gradle-*plugin  gettext         docbook*-saxon
libitext-java                   commons-parent  libcomm*c-java  doxia-s*etools                  graxxia         gluegen2        doxia
libjdbm-java                    commons-vfs     libcomm*4-java  dtd-parser                      groovycsv       gnome-split     easyconf
libjt400-java                   core-ca*lojure  libcomm*2-java  easymock                        groovy          h2database      excalib*logger
libstax-java                    cssparser       libhac-java     felix-b*sitory                  gs-collections  ha-jdbc         excalib*logkit
libvldo*g-java                  data-xm*lojure  libhtml*r-java  felix-f*mework                  htsjdk          hdrhistogram    f2j
libxpp3-java                    dirgra          libirclib-java  felix-g*ommand                  ice-bui*gradle  icu4j           felix-osgi-obr
livetri*jsr223                  dnssecjava      libjaba*t-java  felix-g*untime                  insubstantial   icu4j-4.2       fontchooser
mathpiper                       dokujclient     libjgoo*n-java  felix-shell                     ivyplusplus     icu4j-4.4       ganymed-ssh2
maven-a*helper                  doxia           libjhla*s-java  felix-s*ll-tui                  jabref          icu4j-49        gentlyw*-utils
metastudent                     doxia-s*etools  libjoda*e-java  felix-utils                     jackson*tabind  istack-commons  geogebra
naga                            dtd-parser      libjsonp-java   geronim*0-spec                  jackson*-guava  jakarta-jmeter  gridengine
ognl                            easymock        libjsr1*y-java  geronim*1-spec                  java3d          janino          healpix-java

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